“I was able to find someone who'd be a good fit for the gig, and connect them directly to my colleague looking for help!”

Grace Alexander shared this story on April 26, 2021

Videographers looking for work in Seattle?

“I connected with a fellow engagement-minded innovator, Linda Pantale, about her experience in an MBA program at UChicago Booth School (My alma mater from undergrad). It's really helpful seeing how folks whose careers are oriented around community engagement leverage different programs, and Linda has offered herself as an ongoing resource if I start researching MBAs!”

Summer Fields shared this story on September 9, 2020

Pondering a grad school journey

“I had a wonderful call with someone who reached out wanting to talk about strategic career planning, how to message a career pivot to potential hiring managers, and how to do this as a perfectionist managing a full time day job! They told me they found the conversation helpful, and I was super happy to carve out time to give free advice. Thanks Engagement Community Switchboard for connecting the dots and helping me give back to the community!!”

“I'm at the very early stages of pondering where grad school may fit into my life, and asked for people in our engagement innovators community if they'd be willing to talk about their own journeys. Right away, I got 3 offers to connect from people in my field that will help me start this exploration process!”

Summer Fields shared this story on June 3, 2020

Pondering a grad school journey

“I received fantastic recommendations from the community for all kinds of books I might not have otherwise read. So grateful for the great suggestions, and excited to dive in to some great reads. ”

Tina Hart shared this story on May 27, 2020

Quarantine reads?

“Exciting promising news! I got some great feedback from Mara and Tina to check out the Meat Collectives Switchboard. I checked it out and they've got SO much good content! I'm about to make my butchery hobby become a dream come true - updates coming up soon!”